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The Seven -on- Seven Agency is a boutique business consulting agency with a focus on growth through social media, digital marketing, and strategic alliances.
Seven -on- Seven was founded under the concept that a strong team can take any crazy vision and turn it into a reality. A team is only as strong as it’s weakest link, and it is important to create synergy between all the players. You aren’t in this alone. At Seven -on- Seven we not only help you craft a winning strategy for your sales and marketing needs, but we provide a championship caliber team that will take your business to the next level.
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As a business owner, it can be hard to see your business objectively. That is where we come in! Let us help you craft a winning strategy for your sales and marketing initiative... your symphony.

Having a great strategy is only the first step though... implementation is key! You don't have time to manage your orchestra (web developer, graphic designer, event planner, writer, social media poster, ad manager, seo expert) and your business, yet all of these people need to be working in synergy to make your strategies effective. Therefore, think of us as the conductor of your orchestra.

We will help you write a symphony and execute it beautifully! From crafting unique strategies to complete project management, we help you create synergy among all of your efforts.


You have an idea... Maybe it is a new product, something no one else has invented. You have the vision to make your idea a success, but you aren’t sure how to implement your strategy.

It is easy for you to see the big picture, the light at the end of the tunnel, the pot of gold under the rainbow…but what about that first step? You know where you want to go, but how do you get there? Having a great strategy is only the beginning... implementation is key!

We help entrepreneurs build companies and startups launch products. No matter what phase you're at with your idea, we are here to make it a reality.


There are many business incubators and accelerators out there, but we have creates a start-up microwave. Through this immersive experience, we will help you take your business idea and turn it into an executable business plan. Learn more here.










to Purchasers

to Consumers

to Solutions

to Influencers

to Teams

to Opportunities

to Reality

to Implementation


Products to Purchasers

Companies to Consumers

Businesses to Solutions

Brands to Influencers

Talent to Teams

Ideas to Opportunities

Visions to Reality

Innovation to Implementation


Marketing & Business Development:

No matter how big or small, your business must understand its target market. Marketing and sales are critical to keeping cash flow positive. At Seven on Seven, we take the time to get to know your business, your industry, and your consumers, to craft a unique marketing and sales strategy that will help you stay cost efficient and on track to achieving your company goals. From ideation through all phases of the business lifecycle, we are here to help you solve your toughest challenges and create your largest successes.


Creative Connections:

Oftentimes success is more about who you know than what you know; being in the right place at the right time. Strategic partnerships, collaborations, sponsorships, endorsements, and alliances can help your business experience exponential growth at a rapid rate. At Seven -on- Seven, we have the ability to leverage our vast network to connect you with the right people. We offer services ranging from curating creative collaborations, to contract negotiation, concierge service, real estate, business development, event management, and social media strategy/ management.

We represent brands, models, athletes, developers, events, influencers, and more. We help both talent and brands/corporations craft strategic partnerships with huge promotional impact!


Seven on Seven was built on the idea that all of your branding, marketing, PR, and sponsorship efforts should work synergistically towards your ultimate vision. We emphasize strategy and constant communication to ensure efficient and effective efforts on all platforms and channels.

We start with the end in mind and craft our strategies specifically for each client's goals.

Whether it's crafting a business plan to monetize an influencer's platform, connecting your new technology with an established corporate channel to form a mutually beneficial partnership, managing social media and business operations for a busy celebrity, or sourcing sponsors and endorsements for events, we create connections!

Meet the Founders

Shelby Haugen PP BW

Shelby Haugen

Strategy, Sponsorship, & Collaborations

Shelby is a natural born networker. She has a creative vision like no one else and can see opportunities and potential collaborations others would never even dream of. 

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Jeff Griffin

Social Media, PR, Content Creation

Jeff knows a thing or two about social media, PR, and film. He was the driving force behind the media explosion for the company Fullips and has even produced a full-length feature film.



Strategy. Marketing. Sales. Strategic Alliances.

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