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Meet Shelby Haugen

My focus is on developing creative, feasible, quantifiable, sustainable solutions. I do this through combining my creative mindset, business experience, analytical background, and network of business connections.


Marketing & Business

Business is in my blood, but it is my creativity and love of helping people that allow me to succeed. As an entrepreneur and a consultant, I have had the privilege to work on many types of projects, companies, and in many industries. These experiences have allowed me to develop a very well-rounded set of skills. These skills allow me to implement my wildest ideas in very practical ways. 

Creative Thinking

I see things as they are, but I am also able to see opportunities among seemingly unrelated items. It is this vision that allows me to craft creative solutions and produce results for my clients.

Creative Connections

I love helping people solve their problems and my favorite way to do this through creative connections. Whether it's connecting a product to purchasers, a brand to an influencer, or a business with a strategy, creative connections are my passion. This includes leveraging my network to create mutually-beneficial partnerships and strategic alliances. 


Although my genius is innovating new ideas and strategies, proper implementation of a strategy is the secret to success. 

BUT...  strategy is only valuable if it can be tested and quantified. That is why I have decided to expand my skillset through the Master of Science in Business Analytics program at Southern Methodist University's Cox School of Business.

My analytical skills allow me to measure the strategies we implement, so we know exactly what is working and what is not. It is my belief that data is key. 


Industries: Athletics, Influencers, Healthcare, Beauty, Salons, Non-profit, Real Estate, Relationships, Dating, Sports, Technology, Social Media, Insurance, Finance, Events, Apps, and More...


Skills Currently in Development: Advanced Decision Modeling, Applied Predictive Analytics, Data Analysis and Forecasting, Bayesian Approaches to Statistical Inference, Business Metrics, Business Process Analytics, Data Mining including Methods (Including Machine Learning/Decision Trees, Neural Networks, Clustering, Unstructured Data Analysis, Text Mining, and Association Rules), Applied Statistics, Experimental Design, Data Visualization and Communications, Database Design for Business Applications, Decision Models, Optimization, Managerial Statistics using Excel, Statistical Methodologies (Including Probability Applications, Hypothesis Testing, Simple and Multiple Regression Analysis, Sampling, and Quality Control), Programming for Analytics (R and Python), Web and Social Media Analytics, Big Data, and Business Intelligence.


Experience & Talent Profile





Adobe Photoshop



Web & Design:


LearnDash (LMS)


Beaver Builder

bbPress/ BuddyPress

Google Analytics



Real Estate:

MLS (Multiple Listing Service)

Comparative Market Analysis

Statistical Market Analysis


Property Descriptions

Photo Captions


Business Analytics:

Information Technology/ Operations Management




Tableau (Data Visualization)





Crystal Ball

Linear Programming


Decision Analysis

Social Media:


Facebook Pages







Graphic Design:

Mailer Design

Postcard Design

Magazine Layouts

Email Templates

Logo Design

Billboard Design

Tear sheet Design

Flyer Design


Public Speaking

Date Coaching

   *IDCA Certified

Event Planning

Survey Design

Curriculum Design

Brand Development & Consulting

Marketing Strategy & Campaign Development

Business Strategy Consulting