At Seven on Seven, we are dedicated to solving problems and creating opportunities.

Our goal is to develop creative, feasible, quantifiable, sustainable results.


We do not offer pre-set packages, but consult with each client individually to determine a custom plan of action. We always start with a Discover Meeting where we will learn about your business from the inside out. Our recommendations are unique to your business and are based on a cumulative view of your business. We want to ensure that your marketing works synergistically with all other aspects of your business to produce results. We always strive to produce creative, feasible, quantifiable, sustainable results. After the Discover Meeting, we will write a proposal for you that discusses our ideas and recommendations for moving forward. 


Below is a list of services we can provide in addition to providing you with an overall marketing or business strategy. 


Business Development


Timeline Planning

Marketing, Sales, & Social Media

Social Media

Strategic Planning & Integrations

Calendar Creation

Ad Management

Facebook, Youtube, Instagram


Media Outreach

'Blog' Outreach

Brand Awareness

Sponsorships & Endorsements

Portfolio, Marketing Stats


Collaborations, Partnerships

Product Promotions


Strategy & Planning

Graphic Design

Branding, Logo, Tagline

Video Filming & Editing

Strategic Alliances

Creative Collaborations

Marketing Partnerships

Suppliers & Distributors

Venture Capital

AND MORE... because we are so creative, we couldn't even possibly start to list our full-potential.

Want more than marketing?

Find out how we can help you with business development!

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Your competitive advantage starts with a solid strategy-based planning process. This provides you and your business with focus and direction, by highlighting your best opportunities and ruling out distractions.

We will work with you to develop and execute business strategy for profitability, including detailed marketing strategy with opportunities, priorities, and timing.


We want to provide value to our clients and to the world. It is our mission to help people through creative solutions! 
 We believe that a personal, hands-on approach is the only way we can truly partner with our clients and deliver results. It is only by truly learning everything about your company, industry, and customers that we can truly start to innovate for you.
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We aim for consistency and synergy when helping you define your social media posting strategies. All of your social media efforts should provide value to your followers and also be strategically aligned to promote your brand and business interests in the most efficient way. This includes content creation and distribution strategies and optimal posting times/ strategies. We believe it is also important to integrate your social media into your events and daily business activities to create added benefit to all of your actions. 


Integrated Marketing Communications

Consistent branding and messaging is critical throughout all channels of communication. We can help you strategically plan, launch, and manage your customer acquisition funnel across all platforms. This includes curating followers and converting them into customers through efficient posting and advertising channels. Launch and synchronize your display, affiliate, e-mail, social media, print, and more! 
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If you're ready to dig deep into your business to see how creative, quantitative marketing strategies can help you, then give us a call and we will schedule your Discovery Meeting!